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A Sprinkling of Salt

Here at Lainey’s Handmade Foods we are delighted to be able to use another Irish food producer’s fabulous product in the production of our delicious Salted Caramel Biscuit Cake Bars… The sumptuous salty flavour comes with a little help from a sprinkling of... read more

THREE New Lainey’s Products

We are super excited as we’ve just released our THREE new products! Continue reading to see into the thought process of the development of our new bars and bites…                                                                                                    ... read more

Give The Gift Of Chocolate Biscuit Cake This Christmas

We can’t believe we are already writing a blog post about Christmas!! Seems like summer swims in Greystones were only yesterday. But let’s forget the past and embrace the Christmas spirit and all that comes with it. For the world of Lainey’s Handmade Foods, Christmas... read more

Why Sacrifice Taste for Nutrition?

Why sacrifice taste for nutrition? Today’s short blog post was inspired by a friend of ours Frank O’Dea who sent us in a fantastic photograph over the weekend. It got us thinking…our carrot cake flapjack bar is now nearly a year old!! We took a step... read more

Dingle Food Diary

Last weekend we packed up the car (not the van for once!!) and headed to Dingle, Co. Kerry for the Dingle Food Fest, where the Blas na hEireann winners were to be announced.    Obviously, being at a food festival, we spent the majority of the Saturday eating all... read more

3 Months to go…

You may think it’s crazy mentioning the ‘C’ word in September, but it’s exactly 3 months till the big day and preparations are already underway… We’ve started taking orders for our Dark Chocolate Biscuit Cake Christmas Cake, which... read more